our mission, vision and values

Changing lives and strengthening communities through the power of work. Learn more:
Our Mission


Vibrant, inclusive and sustainable communities where everyone has an opportunity for meaningful employment



Changing lives and strengthening communities through the power of work



We put people first.   

We are client-centered and live Goodwill’s empowering mottos of “not a charity but a chance” and “a hand up not a handout.” 


We are entrepreneurial.  

Goodwill was a social enterprise a century before it was called social enterprise and we are proud of that heritage.  We continue and build on it by being enterprising, energetic, and innovative. We seek mission-integrated opportunities to further our social impact.  


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  

We act honourably and truthfully.  We bring sincerity to all we do. 


We strive for excellence.  

We seek to continuously improve what we do and how we do it.  We encourage innovation and healthy risk-taking to achieve our mission.


We are committed to diversity and inclusion.  

We champion and draw strength from our differences.  We strongly believe we are better, together.  


We are responsible stewards. 

We respect our accountability to our donors, our customers, our clients, our employer partners, our funders, our supporters, and our community. 


We embrace sustainability.  

By up cycling, recycling, and reducing waste, we do all we can to be good to our environment and future generations.  


We are collaborative.  

We aim to build and contribute to the systems and networks that enhance our ability to achieve our mission.  Our work is community-centred and characterized by collaboration and outreach.  


We support each other. 

We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive work environment. We take seriously a shared responsibility to support our employees and enrich their lives.