Ricky AndradeRicky has worked for Goodwill for 13 years; however the really remarkable thing about Ricky’s story is how he has flourished in his role as a valued member of our dock team.  In the last three years, on the dock team Ricky has experienced tremendous growth.  With just a little encouragement and partnered with the right staff team Ricky has developed in many ways.  Once a rather quiet individual, Rick’s communication skills have emerged as something anyone walking through the dock area would not only notice but enjoy.  Not only has he matured, he’s shown a willingness to be helpful and has great character.

Ricky recognized the importance and value of a strong work ethic, persistence and hard work.  Not only does Rick enjoy every opportunity to learn from his peers and supervisor, but he does so with a constant smile and appreciation for his co-workers.  Goodwill is very proud of the strides Ricky has made in his life as an employee and we are sure that he will continue to do so as he grows in his role.