The population in Hamilton has suffered the scourges of recessionary times with company closures and job losses. However, the need for furniture, appliances, computers and other household goods still remains. These items are purchased in order to facilitate daily living no matter what the local economic situation is. Lower income households often require purchasing options, which include “rent-to-own” facilities where reasonable goods are available on a payment plan. MacFrugals has made goods available to address this Hamilton community desire. The Hamilton store has been in operation since 2003.

Daily operations of the store required regular replenishment of merchandise on the shelves, so Mr. Clemmensen hired a Goodwill client who needed employment. As an entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for opportunity, Mr. Clemmensen realized that having an appliance repair department on site would save the operation money. Once again, Mr. Clemmensen looked to Goodwill for a suitable candidate who had the ability and willingness to take on the challenge. Staffing needs increased as the economy plummeted and collections of accounts became an issue. Mr.Clemmensen, who clearly understands that the client base at Goodwillï includes candidates with diverse skills, turned to the job developer to search for an appropriate individual to fill the collections position. The departure of a manager opened the way once more for a Goodwill client to get work commensurate with his abilities. To attest further to MacFrugals commitment, two other Goodwill clients were hired to staff the new basement thrift store venture that opened in the Fall/Winter of 2009.

MacFrugal’s has provided employment for Goodwill clients “thereby enhancing their dignity and independence within the community” as active community contributors appreciated for their individual skills and abilities.”