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Personal Shredding Services

Identity theft is a growing concern for many of us. Shredding your personal and small business confidential information is the one of best way to thwart identity thieves.

To accommodate your personal and small business needs Goodwill offers these services:

  • On demand pick-ups… one box or a hundred… one call when you need us disposes it all!

  • Drop off your shredding for additional savings

  • Prepaid Seal N ’Shred Bags

Seal n’Shred Bags – Simple, Easy and Inexpensive

Ensure your documents are disposed of safely and securely by using Goodwill’s Seal n’Shred Bags. When you purchase your Seal n’Shred bag, the cost includes shredding. You pay one price. No surprises!

Order your Seal n’Shred bags by email or by phone. You can pick them up at our King William location or we can mail them to you. Fill the Seal N’Shred bag with your documents. Seal the bag then bring the Seal N’Shred bag back to us for shredding. For a small additional amount, we can pick your filled bags up.

For additional information about our personal and small business shredder services or to order a Seal n’Shred bag, please call (905) 526-8482 Ext. 2288 or complete the form below.