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For more than 75 years, Goodwill Commercial Services has provided solutions in hard goods, mailing, packaging, kitting, assembly and light manufacturing for companies like yours. Our central location, flexible capabilities, agile response, superior quality and cost-effectiveness have earned Goodwill top marks from our customers.
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Goodwill provides you critical, added capacity, increased workforce flexibility and just-in-time performance at prices that will enhance your competitive position. We often tackle peak and problem assignments and those ‘off the beaten path’ projects, so you can achieve all your priorities.
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Our objectives – to serve our customers, to serve our community and to provide life-changing employment opportunities – are perfectly aligned, creating a standard of excellence in quality and service that will benefit your organization financially while enhancing your contribution to your community.

For more information about more about how Goodwill can improve your bottom line or to arrange a tour of our facility, please call Chris Wade at 905-526-8482 Ext. 2288 or send an email to service@goodwillonline.ca.

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