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Our Track Record

Our Track Record, Your Success

Goodwill Commercial Services has a solid track record of providing a comprehensive list of services.

Here is a list of some of our service experience:

  • Sorting
  • Folding, collating and labeling

  • Counting and packaging materials, parts and promotional materials

  • Assembly and sub-assembly of manufactured parts

  • Preparing and distributing mail outs

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, refurbishing reusable items

  • Packaging products

  • Catering meals, special events for business needs

  • Order fulfillment

  • Rag sales

  • Shredding confidential documents

Our services contribute to the ongoing success of the following organizations:

  • Sling Choker – Goodwill assembles manufactured parts into sub-assemblies for train boots used to transport cars across country
  • McMaster Children’s Hospital – Goodwill annually labels 1000’s of flyers, prepares the distribution lists and ships the flyers to the school board for disbursement to students in the city school system on behalf of MCH
  • InContact – Goodwill prepares and mails hundreds of promotional pieces monthly
  • Keegan Forklift – Regular purchases from Goodwill of 20-pound bags of rags
  • CASTEC – Goodwill Cleans, disinfects, refurbishes and packages respirators every month

…and many more!

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