MacFrugal’s Furniture – 2009 Business Partner of the Year

The population in Hamilton has suffered the scourges of recessionary times with company closures and job losses. However, the need for furniture, appliances, computers and other household goods still remains. These items are purchased in order to facilitate daily living no matter what the local economic situation is. Lower income households often require purchasing options, [...]

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Ricky Andrade – 2009 Worker of the Year

Ricky has worked for Goodwill for 13 years; however the really remarkable thing about Ricky’s story is how he has flourished in his role as a valued member of our dock team.  In the last three years, on the dock team Ricky has experienced tremendous growth.  With just a little encouragement and partnered with the [...]

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Edwin Betancur – 2009 Achiever of the Year

As a recent graduate in the Computer Systems Technology field, Edwin had very little experience, which created an employment challenge that might have seemed daunting to some.  However working as a team with the Career Development Specialist and Job Developer at Goodwill, Edwin was able to surmount the barriers to his employment. Due in great [...]

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