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President’s Message

presidents messageDid you ever think about the Power of Work? Imagine your world without a pay cheque. Many of the individuals that we serve, had never thought about something so fundamental to most of us either, but suddenly circumstances changed.  A factory closed; a company downsized; an automobile accident changed their ability to continue in their old job; a family circumstance required mom to return to the workforce after many years of not working; a new Canadian needed help in locating an employment opportunity. Real life examples of the many individuals that Goodwill helps with retraining and job finding each year.

On the other side of the equation, we assist businesses in finding new employees through specialized recruitment programs and matching individuals to job requirements. By putting the right individuals and employers together we help make businesses stronger by lowering recruitment costs, providing properly prepared and motivated employees, and reducing turnover and sick time.

Goodwill International is one of the world’s largest workforce development providers, assisting over 3 million individuals worldwide annually, a job that it has been doing now for over 110 years.

Locally, Goodwill, The Amity Group started in the Depression of 1935 by assisting unemployed factory workers, find dignity and independence through the refurbishing and recycling of used goods for resale. Our stores remain today as a resource for training individuals for retail jobs and for generating revenue that can be used to support our various workforce development activities. Each year, Goodwill helps thousands of individuals in the Halton, Hamilton and Brant County areas prepare for work in the communities that we serve.

Simply put, Goodwill is in the business of providing Employment Solutions for both individuals and businesses alike. Working together, we make our communities stronger.

Paul Chapin

President and CEO